David Isaacson
David Isaacson
Digital Strategist, Photographer, Web Developer


Welcome to my Raspberry Pi powered website

I'm a digital and advertising strategist with experience working with the biggest multinationals and global brands.

Outside of award winning strategy, I run a photography business in my spare time; LightSide Photography and tinker with tecnhology. Python is code of choice these days. This very website is powered by and hosted via a Raspberry Pi model b, which I turned into a webserver.

Reasons to believe

11 years experience within digital and advertising strategy

I have a long history working agency side producing strategic and digital projects that out deliver on the brief.

I have consulted for FTSE 100 companies

I have used my digital and strategic skills working with market leading businesses

I work alongside all ranks of clients from CEOs to marketing managers

I'm not one to let a job title get the in the way of a good brief

Clients I've worked with

United Nations
London Stock Exchange Group
Zoopla Group